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Welcome Broc Hammon, DDS

Our great service, along with the best technology in the field, are only a few of the many reasons why so many patients have chosen Sierra Oral Surgery. We are excited to welcome Doctor Hammon to our growing team.

Dr. Broc Hammon is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with extensive training and experience in all areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Concentration areas include outpatient anesthesia, dental implants to include immediate placement and full arch restoration, wisdom/impacted tooth removal, bone and soft tissue grafting, facial trauma, and surgical orthodontic/orthognathic surgery.

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At Sierra Oral Surgery we use the latest technology to make all aspects of your dental implant procedure accurate and comfortable. We will issue you a free dental implant CT Scan as part of your dental examination with us. The CT Scan will help us to examine the status of your mouth and jaw, and will also give a clear picture for use in the diagnosis, planning, and preparation of the implants.

What Are CT Scans?

A CT Scan is a highly advanced scanning device used in dental implant examinations. It emits only a minimal level of radiation while giving a clear, high-resolution image with which the dental implant dentist asses. Special X-ray equipment takes multiple images which are rendered together to create a full 3D image. The scanning is non-invasive and takes only a few minutes.

Why Do We Use CT Scans?

CT Scans take all of the inaccuracies and guess work out of dental implant surgery. The information and 3D images produced by the scan allow us to confidentially assess your bone architecture, the volume and density of the jawbone, and the location of the nerves and sinus cavities.

The quality and quantity of the bone will help to determine the type of dental implant treatment, and the imaging will help us to identify all of the possibilities for implant positioning and alignment.

What Can A Dental Implant CT Scan Help To Determine?

CT Scans have many benefits and can help with many aspects of the dental implant procedure. The accurate information and mapping that they provide help with:

  1. Diagnosis of bone architecture, density, and volume.
  2. Helps decide type of implant.
  3. Helps foresee any complications or restrictions.
  4. Helps map exact placement, positioning, and alignment of implants.
  5. Virtual placement of dental implants using software gives accurate simulation of surgery.
  6. CT scans help us to create the perfect implants to match your mouth.

How To Get A Free Dental Implant CT Scan?

CT Scans are one of the most exciting advancements ever for dental implant procedures. They give more accuracy and comfort than ever before and are yet another reason why dental implants are fast becoming the favorite for the treatment of missing teeth.

At Friedman Dental Group we offer a free CT Scan before dental implant surgery, as part of our complimentary dental implant consultation and dental examination. Contact us today to find out more, or to arrange a free dental implant dentist consultation.

Excellent surgeon and support staff. Have had a tongue lesion removed and an implant done. Much less painful than I expected. Smooth recovery. Quick action when needed. Very attentive to my needs.

Colt S.

Such a wonderful and fun team! I felt well taken care of and they answered all my questions before I could even ask. I felt so safe and all of my nerves went away with these guys. Definitely recommend this great team to take care of your needs 💛

Cheyenne H.